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"Mental Fitness" Is Essential to Healthy Immune System! Take Action Today!

"Mental Fitness" Is Essential to Healthy Immune System! Take Action Today!

How to stick to your fitness goal? I think we can all agree our perspective of our health and wellness is at an all-time high, as it should be.   

 Do you dream to get your fitness routine back on track?

Well, to be honest, dreaming will not do much. Wishing and dreaming about having a healthy fitness regime will do nothing but working towards it will “taking daily action”. Like every new year, you resolute to be the “new you”.   Think of this past January, what were your health and wellness goals? Did you have any? Did you stick to it?  You are not alone less than 5 % really do, it really rarely happens? Also, do not give yourself an excuse of not having enough time to attain your fitness goal. It is about making time for it as you need to be stronger than your excuses to get back on track.

Let us make it simple for you to attain your fitness goal. Remember our suggestion will do wonders only when you practice and not just give it a read.

Discover the fun in your fitness routine

Yes, you need to enjoy the fitness routine you practice. It is important for you to take it as a part of your everyday schedule and not as a liability. Jot down your hobbies and activities you like doing, that will be a great way to structure your daily routine. There are innumerable ways to get active, you just need to find your core, what you enjoy doing and make it a part of your fitness routine.

Set achievable goals

You expect to lose 40 pounds in a span of few days and when it does not happen, you quit! No. That is now how you will achieve your fitness goal. Losing 40 pounds isn’t impossible but it’ll take its own sweet time for it to happen. Similarly, you need to set achievable goals, that you can attain in the time span you have set for yourself. Start small but at least start well. Taking smaller steps not significant ones will not let you feel it to be a daunting task.

Be mentally prepared

Being consistent in the fitness routine is not an easy task. Or is it?  It requires apt diligence and constant motivation to drive optimum results.  You need to be mentally prepared to get ready for this regime and work towards achieving your fitness goals with utmost positivity.  Focus on the benefit not the result.  Being Healthy is the benefit that will enhance your life.  Weight related disease is something many of us have all struggled with at some point and time in our life.  It is not always about losing weight, some of us struggle with healthy weight and starve ourselves. Associate more pleasure then pain, small victories.  Positive thoughts and reprogram your belief system.  Write 3 simple statements about who you are:  for example I am a good parent, I help others when I can, etc.

The right diet

Eating smart is the real BIG thing. You cannot hog over that cheesecake, skip the exercise, and stay in bed throughout the day. You don’t have to take your diet to the extremes. An adequate amount of food balanced with naturally flavored liquid supplements will surely provide you with tons of energy to keep you going. Watch out for empty calories and sucralose.

Keep a track on your progress

Setting your goals and working towards achieving them is a crucial part of your fitness routine. But once you are on it, it is extremely important for you to keep a track on your progress. Even if there is a slight change in your well-being, it is a great sign. So tap the progress while following your fitness routine.

 No more worrying about the extra pounds  you have put-on, it is time to shed some weight and get going to achieve the fitness goals in the best way possible.

  1. What is missing in your Fitness Program? How to make it a lifestyle?

You get up in the morning.

You decide to follow your fitness routine.

You get ready for it.

And you ditch the plan.

Can you relate to the above steps? If yes, then you surely need to buck up and motivate yourself to make your fitness routine a part of your healthy lifestyle.  WHO estimates that more than 1 billion adults are overweight, with at least 300 million of them considered clinically obese. What do you think is the reason behind this? Lack of a systematic routine is the reason behind this. One of the major points of concern is the risk of cancer that is increasing in the millennials because of the laid-back lifestyle that they follow. It is high-time that we understand that being obese is not OK at all. It is now the time to get going with a solid fitness regime and make it a lifestyle diligently.

Sounds tough?

Don’t worry, let us take you through the steps that will make it easy for you:


Make your goals easy

Your only limit while getting your fitness program on-track is YOU. Therefore, you need to set your goals that are easy. We are always in a hurry to get instant results; we want it and want it now!  But this logic doesn't apply to your fitness program. To make your fitness regime a part of your lifestyle, it is important to make sure your goals are easy, simple, and realistic. Set the bar where you can easily achieve it.

Include it in your to-do list

When it is on your mind, it is worth putting efforts in. So, you need to include your fitness routine in your everyday to-do list. By doing this, you will psychologically feel that you will gradually make it an evident part of your everyday routine. This will also keep you on your toes and aware that you need to carry out your fitness regime regularly. Check this off from your to-do list and make your fitness program not a compulsive act but an exciting program.

Make this a priority

Most often we place our fitness routine on the backburner due to the hectic lifestyle we all possess. That said, if you are serious about making your fitness regime a part of your lifestyle you need to prioritize it. You must carve out time from your schedule for this. Treat your fitness regime like your any other pressing priorities and witness the real work getting done.

Charge positivity

It is you who make your lifestyle. It is you who can make it awesome and healthy or dull and daunting. You need to stay positive to drive amazing results from your fitness regime. This will indirectly make for a great lifestyle. Getting rid of bad habits that satisfy short-term impulses is also a great add-on to stay positive from within. Focus on your behavior, your habits as they may surely become your second nature.

 It is your body and you need to hustle for a healthy body. By making these significant changes to your lifestyle, you can work towards increasing your metabolism and making a healthy, active life.

 Doing our bit for the environment!

Our earth is all that we have in common.”

We passionately believe to go green and give it back to our environment. Going green does not start with doing massive acts, it starts with a shift in consciousness. The basic goal of Thin Energy and its products is to bring about a social change in the environment.

How do we go about it?

Well, as they say, “The best preparation for good results tomorrow is to do good work today.” Thin Energy is committed to doing good work and building a world where the environment does not need to be protected.

Plastic pollution is indeed a serious cause to look out for. Reports suggest, by 2050, the oceans will have more plastic waste than fish by weight and we are committed to reversing the trend by doing our bit.

Our multi-Shot supplement bottle reduces the amount of plastic used in the shot market. Also, owing to the harmful effects of BPA(Bisphenol A), we make sure to use plastic that is BPA free. Our bottles are manufactured in such a way that it uses less than 60% of the plastic and are highly cost-effective. That meaning, that it does not dig in a hole in your pocket as our shot is only 1/3rd of the total cost.

 We continuously aim to reinvent our offerings and processes so that we can produce amicable results that benefit our environment. Not only this, we make sure to deliver amazing quality in the market by keeping a check on the formulas used thereby saving the environment from any after-affects or so.

Combining quality with finesse, Thin Energy is on a verge of creating products that benefit both our consumers and the planet. Going green is something that comes naturally to us and we leave no stone unturned to contribute towards making an eco-friendly environment with our stellar offerings.


Thin Energy "The Healthy Alternative" Product Review Dr. Calvin Wilson

Thin Energy "The Healthy Alternative" Product Review Dr. Calvin Wilson




As a physician specializing in weight management, I am often approached by supplement companies looking for opinions/ endorsements.  While there are a few good supplements on the market, few live up to what they say that they will do.  Even fewer do it with quality ingredients in the actual quantities that research has proven to be effective.
Firstly, why the energy in Thin Energy?  Simply put, energy can be a reflection of metabolism (burning fuel) or lack thereof.  While healthy diet is a large part of fat loss (a term that I much prefer to weight loss, because if someone loses lean mass vs. body fat, they actually significantly slow their metabolism), being active or specifically exercise (there is a big difference between the two) accounts for maybe 15% of calories burned. 
In the long term, however, maintaining lean mass while losing fat is critical to weight management and to long term success.  In fact, some studies have shown that for each pound of muscle that we lose, the metabolism may slow enough to allow that person to store 5-6 pounds of additional fat.  Considering that the typical adult loses up to a pound of lean mass yearly beginning at age 28 or so, this slowing of metabolism can become critical quickly.  If someone has no energy, they are very unlikely to get off of the couch and maintain the exercise needed.
Thin Energy provides a smooth, even increase in energy without toxic levels of stimulants that lead to an energy rush and possibly a crash to follow.  Thin Energy has the correct combination of healthy, organic ingredients to provide the needed lift without the dangerous side effects that many other energy drinks can cause. 
Another big plus of Thin Energy is the lack of sugar.  I constantly have patients tell me about the “empty calories” in sugar, which is true, but the story goes much deeper than that.  When we take in supplements, foods, or drinks that contain sugars, it may cause a shift in the balance of natural substances in the body known as insulin and glucagon.  These substances help to maintain a steady blood sugar, which is important, but the mechanism by which they control blood sugar has a huge impact on both fat storage and fat burning.  Bottom line is, take in too much sugar and you can turn your body into a fat storing machine!
Other ingredients in Thin Energy have been used by athletes for years in the quest to get lean and to stay in shape.  There are ingredients that aid in the control of blood sugar (important as discussed above), the control of appetite, and even in the burning of fat.  Several components of green teas have been shown to specifically impact the burning of visceral fat, that stubborn fat that can accumulate around the midsection and not only look bad, but contribute to many if not most disease processes including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia to name a significant few.
Add to these benefits the appetite suppression that comes with the natural ingredients and the impacts on stimulating the metabolism, and you have everything needed to pursue a healthy body composition (of course when paired with proper nutrition and exercise).  I have no reservations about recommending Thin Energy to my patients.