Thin Energy “The Healthy Alternative” Product Review Dr. Calvin Wilson

Thin Energy “The Healthy Alternative” Product Review Dr. Calvin Wilson


As a physician specializing in weight management, I am often approached by supplement companies looking for opinions/ endorsements. While there are a few good supplements on the market, few live up to what they say that they will do. Even fewer do it with quality ingredients in the actual quantities that research has proven to be effective.

Firstly, why the energy in Thin Energy? Simply put, energy can be a reflection of metabolism (burning fuel) or lack thereof. While healthy diet is a large part of fat loss (a term that I much prefer to weight loss, because if someone loses lean mass vs. body fat, they actually significantly slow their metabolism), being active or specifically exercise (there is a big difference between the two) accounts for maybe 15% of calories burned.

In the long term, however, maintaining lean mass while losing fat is critical to weight management and to long term success. In fact, some studies have shown that for each pound of muscle that we lose, the metabolism may slow enough to allow that person to store 5-6 pounds of additional fat. Considering that the typical adult loses up to a pound of lean mass yearly beginning at age 28 or so, this slowing of metabolism can become critical quickly. If someone has no energy, they are very unlikely to get off of the couch and maintain the exercise needed.

Thin Energy provides a smooth, even increase in energy without toxic levels of stimulants that lead to an energy rush and possibly a crash to follow. Thin Energy has the correct combination of healthy, organic ingredients to provide the needed lift without the dangerous side effects that many other energy drinks can cause.

Another big plus of Thin Energy is the lack of sugar. I constantly have patients tell me about the “empty calories” in sugar, which is true, but the story goes much deeper than that. When we take in supplements, foods, or drinks that contain sugars, it may cause a shift in the balance of natural substances in the body known as insulin and glucagon. These substances help to maintain a steady blood sugar, which is important, but the mechanism by which they control blood sugar has a huge impact on both fat storage and fat burning. Bottom line is, take in too much sugar and you can turn your body into a fat storing machine!

Other ingredients in Thin Energy have been used by athletes for years in the quest to get lean and to stay in shape. There are ingredients that aid in the control of blood sugar (important as discussed above), the control of appetite, and even in the burning of fat. Several components of green teas have been shown to specifically impact the burning of visceral fat, that stubborn fat that can accumulate around the midsection and not only look bad, but contribute to many if not most disease processes including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia to name a significant few.

Add to these benefits the appetite suppression that comes with the natural ingredients and the impacts on stimulating the metabolism, and you have everything needed to pursue a healthy body composition (of course when paired with proper nutrition and exercise). I have no reservations about recommending Thin Energy to my patients.